How to use Fossil Free Funds

Search for mutual funds from your portfolio or retirement plan to see if your retirement is fossil free. Fossil Free Funds tracks thousands of mutual funds commonly found in retirement plans.

Watch our video introduction

Join As You Sow CEO Andrew Behar as he explores the tool and screens mutual funds for fossil fuel companies.

We developed Fossil Free Funds after we realized that our own 401(k) was composed of mutual funds that held major oil, gas, and coal extraction companies — we had no idea. This tool gives everyone the power to truly know what they own, so they can own what they own.

Andrew Behar, CEO

How it Works

Fossil Free Funds sources financial data on equities and mutual funds from Morningstar. Our database contains data on thousands of U.S. open-end and exchange traded mutual funds, some of the most common funds held in 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and other retirement plans.

Finding a fund

Search for mutual funds using name or ticker symbol. Use the search page to filter funds by investing style, fund family, regional market, and more. We don't have everything in our database - we only screen mutual funds that own stocks, and can only display up to 3,000. Looking for your favorite fund and can't find it? With more resources, we could include more funds - make a gift today to make a difference.

After selecting a fund

Once you select a mutual fund, Fossil Free Funds examines every holding and determines if it is a fossil fuel stock. Holdings that are not stocks, like currencies, bonds, or other mutual funds, are not screened by Fossil Free Funds. A fund’s Percent of Fund Assets Screened is equivalent to the percent of the fund that is invested in stocks. The higher a fund’s Percent of Fund Assets Screened, the more holdings Fossil Free Funds was able to examine and determine as “fossil fuel” or “not fossil fuel.” A fund with a lower Percent of Fund Assets Screened may have hidden fossil fuel holdings that Fossil Free Funds cannot account for.

If a fund holds stock in a fossil fuel company

Fossil Free Funds uses third-party research and Morningstar industry classificaitons to assign each company to five fossil fuel categories – Carbon Underground 200, Macroclimate® 50, Coal industry, Oil/Gas industry, and Fossil-Fired Utilities. These categories may overlap to varying degrees. These categories allow you to define your own fossil free screen. Choose which sectors you want to search for and see how different funds match up.

We calculate the total amount of fossil fuel exposure

Mutual funds can have a varying number of holdings, from less than one hundred to several thousand. Fossil Free Funds calculates the total number of fossil fuel stock holdings in the fund, and the total percentage of the fund's assets that are invested in companies flagged by your fossil fuel screen. Percent of Fund Assets Flagged represents how much of the fund's assets are invested in companies flagged by your fossil fuel screen.

Watch the Launch Webinar

This recording of our launch event features a step-by-step introduction to the tool and a roundtable Q&A with experts from Morningstar, MSCI, and Trillium Asset Management.

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